Friday, 12 August 2011

This site is hosted on a prgmr VPS. The webserver is NGiNX. All the content is served as static HTML.

The content is written in markdown format and converted to HTML using my own custom script, which I call webgen2. This script is custom built and has too much hard-coded logic to be made publicly available. 1

The source files for the website are maintained in a git repository. The website is generated on pushing changes to the server. Git's post-receive hook is used to generate the site, feeds, archive and other pages.

The linked section is produced by pulling shared links from in regular intervals and formatting it for web display.

The excellent pandoc library is used to render complex documents requiring features not present in stock markdown syntax.

Layout and typography is provided Skeleton CSS framework.

Python libraries used in the production of this site are:

  1. I have found Andrew Gwozdziewycz's, a single file python utility, to be quite close to (but far more usable than) my own script.