Please Support These Projects by Donating Money and Time

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Support these causes
Sampada Foundation † Sampada initiative is the life force behind, kannada literary community and actively contributes to Kannada localisation initiatives, kannada wikipedia and Free/Open Source movement.
Please donate generously to Sampada foundation.
Free Software Foundation of India FSF India is doing a great job of educating young people of Swatantra(Free) software and bringing awareness about dangers of Propreitary formats to the general public. Donate to FSF India and FSF
Free/Open Source Software
Many projects accept donation through their homepages.
Aquamacs Emacs for Macintosh. Emacs is the editor of my choice.
Cyberduck FTP, SFTP, WebDAV & Amazon S3 Browser for Mac OS X
Consider making a donation to the F/OS software of your choice.