Journal for Mon, 22 March 2010

Monday, 22 March 2010

Fixed width fonts are ruined on Google Chrome, thanks to a wonky font. Is there a way to identify which font is responsible for this? One solution would be to have a Chrome extension which overrides the styles for pre and code tags on all the web pages.

jace pointed me to formish in response to my tweet on bfg docs being very nice to read.

Magit(emacs git interface) documentation

This set of instructions on setting up git repositories using gitosis has saved my day many times over.

Google Code University. I watched a part of Python introduction lecture. Definitely a resource to keep in mind and go back to. In related Google news, Google seems to have pulled out of China completely. forwards to .


Played with the tutorial code of incanter. Incanter is a Clojure based statistical and graphical platform which is seeing development at a rapid clip.

To install leiningen (lein in short) follow these instructions.

Python Cloud deployment tools

Kraftwerk, command line utility to ease deploying WSGI applications to the cloud. See also, Ian Bicking's SilverLining.

linode → pgrmr

I signed up for xen hosting. The $20/mo I'm spending on linode can be better spent on economical hosting + backup service + github paid account. I am really pleased with Linode hosting. But, for running a couple of very low traffic websites + a linux box in the cloud, $20/mo appears to be an overkill.

Rob Milner

A prominent British computer scientist passed away. His contributions to CS include -- theorem proving, concurrency theory. He did not have a Ph.D, though he advised many doctoral candidates.

Haskell Platform

A rich development environment for Haskell programming.

Data mining

Very good notes on ACM Data mining Camp. Looks like an mini conference I'd love to attend! The article links to many interesting projects. Eg. mini courses in statistics.


An online service to read HTML content without having to download the HTML files to a local directory and then firing up the browser. For example, this directory of formish documentation.