Friday, 18 March 2011

Software Projects

App/code Description Technology Status
pyOFC2 is a Python library to generate data files for Open Flash Chart 2. This is a standalone library and can be used with a python web framework of your choice. See DjPyOFC2_demo for use of PyOFC2 with Django Python, Flash, JSON Active. New Static website generator. Python, textile, markdown2, pygments Active. New
Erlang sandbox Code I'm writing to learn Erlang. Solutions to a few problems from Project Euler can be found here. Erlang Active.
G App Sites Web-app to catalog/show-off sites. Wrote it as a tutorial app for my PyOhio presentation. Python, Google App Engine, YUI Grids. Active.
Teh Blog app using Google App engine. Read more... . Python, GAE, Django Active
GrokPaste pastebin application written using Grok/Zope3 technologies. Read more... . Python, Grok Active
Donita Tutorial on using Django to develop a simple todo app using AJAX techniques. Read more Python, Django, jQuery, Blueprintcss Works

Code snippets

A collection of snippets that I consider to be useful are: notes/gist and The uncurated list is —

Project Euler

I have solved a few problems out of 190 or so mathematical problems available on Project Euler in Python.
Try solving these problems to sharpen your math and programming skills. Another exercise is to solve the same problem using different programming languages. I have observed that Functional programming techniques are very valuable while solving these problems.

Apps with source code

Simple applications written to explore/demonstrate new web frameworks like Django/Grok/Pylons/Google AppEngine.


The Quote Server. Written using Python/Pylons, Elixir, Mako templating. (Inactive)

Python Recipes

Pylons Recipes

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