Announcing GrokPaste

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

I've released my first Grok application - Grok Paste. Grokpaste is a Pastebin application written using Grok. It uses Pygments for syntax highlighting.

Grokpaste is a visual clone of dpaste. I've tried to replicate the features hoping that the similarity of features will help people to compare and contrast django and grok while learning Grok.

The code is available via svn from google code

I had fun writing this application, even though I was writing Zope code after almost 2 years. My ZPT was little bit rusty, so I had look it up often. Otherwise, writing python code felt natural and not at all Zopish (whatever that means ;).

What code I did not have to write, in comaprison to other python frameworks I have used so far:

  • Object Relational mapping. The objects are stored in the ZODB as persistent objects
  • URL mapping. Every object in the database has a unique ID. In this case it mapped out to http://host/app_url/object_id
  • Also, the use of ZPT allows for some serious code reuse. While ZPT discourages use of code in templates, it allows you to write one liners, which in most cases is sufficient.


Start Page.

GrokPaste Initial screen

Rendered Code.

Rendered GrokPaste source code