Journal for Tue, 23 Mar 2010

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Plan 9 OS commands source, a good resource to learn C by dissecting well written programs. I read through the cp program file. It is easy enough to be read and understood by a newbie programmer.

Today, I learned about the Header ID feature of Python markdown. This extension adds an automatic id to each header tag.

This first post on the Go language blog is a nice roundup of activities surrounding the language.

Go's installer package -- goinstall recognizes git, hg and svn repository locations (eg: $ goinstall installs the web package by automatically downloading it from github).


TimBray made an interesting note about programmer coding zones:

But first I’d like to step back almost 20 years, to an occasion in the early Nineties when I was on-site at Microsoft. I noticed a pattern in the men’s rooms, time after time, like this: I’d be washing my hands or whatever, and some guy would come in, walking really fast with a look of urgency, headed straight for the fixtures. This was a guy who’d been so zoned in coding that he’d ignored his growing need till he just absolutely couldn’t any more.

It is my observation that, if I jump into a task right away as soon as I get into my seat, my productivity sky rockets. The first few minutes are crucial in setting the tone till the next distraction/break.

A humourous illustration on the often quirky working habits of famous creators.