Announcing PyOFC2

Saturday, 24 January 2009

I've written a python library to generate data files used by the excellent Open Flash Chart 2.The project page:

Python Open Flash Chart 2

There are a couple of advantages PyOFC2 has over the one distributed with OFC2.

  • Complete. I've implemented python wrapper classes for all chart types and elements.
  • Pythonic. The original PHP library uses setters and getters for properties etc.,
  • Demo charts. Each chart type has a test_foo function which shows the usage.
  • Test coverage.
  • No dependency on any python framework. The default distribution uses Cherrypy.


  • This is also the first time I used python meta classes.
  • The test cases are also used to generate the demo files you see on the website.
  • I've been using this code in a django based app for over a month.
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