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Saturday, 09 April 2005

You must have noticed the Indian languages list at . Kannada does not figure in that list yet. So, I went and checked the status of kannada translation.
The irony of it is, the main site translation is almost 70% done with another 185 messages left to do.

I’m starting the translation effort today. If you are a Kannadadiga who wants to contribute to Kannada’s presence online please put in a few hours. Later we can follow up with google to update the site to have kannada search functionality.

update : if a few of us get together for 3-4 hours we can easily ‘Finish-off’ this task AND we can have fun doing it. Imagine all the guffaws we will be having when trying to translate words to kannada… hmm.. whats the word for ‘Developer’ again? :)


swaroop C H on 2005-04-28 12:08:32 said :
Count me in.

pradeep on 2005-04-28 12:13:09 said :
Thats great dude…
lets the words start a-rollin’

Sneha on 2005-04-28 12:34:04 said :
tips to start pls..!!

sunil on 2005-06-15 01:42:40 said :
I will run and join hands who do for my mother language.

Article from around 2005-06. Exact date lost