kalAtmaka Janapada and the Creative Commons

Sunday, 01 May 2005

creative commons is a flexible way of sharing your work of art (literature, fine arts) so that other s can learn, share and build upon your work; at the same time, honouring the original contributor and as a corollary, the subsequent contributor’s contribution to the evolving art form.

This concept is similar to our “janapada” tradition, in spirit, where the original author is unknown, yet the art lives on, for centuries.

However, the creative commons differs by allowing the user to share ‘some rights’ with the author in place of traditional copyright system’s – ‘All rights Reserved’ philosophy.

Keeping this in mind, appropriate word for Creative Commons in Kannada would be kalaatmaka janapada.

note: We need to translate the CC licenses to kannada some time soon.

Article from around 2005-06. Exact date lost