Odakalu Bimba

Wednesday, 01 June 2005

Today Thursday evening I’m going to Ranga Shankara to watch Kannada play oDakalu bimba by master playwright Girish Karnad.
The play features Arundhati Nag . You can catch it on 22,23, 24th of this month. I also have my eyes on “Gokula nirgamana” by pu.ti.na enacted by benaka on Thursday,31 March 2005. Play starts at 7:30 PM. Dont be late!

Update: Some one from Ranga Shankara sent me a BIG poster of the play. Thank you. Hmm… Only if they had sent a ticket earlier in the day, I could have been watching the play instead of writing this update :) [We had to postpone the visit to Thursday as RK could not get the tickets even though he was at the theatre by 4PM]

Interestingly, If you google for Ranga Shankara , you will notice that this site appears just after Ranga Shankara .


Ravikiran on 2005-03-23 22:44:04 said :
hi pradeep,
sorry to say…but we can’t even go on thursday as all the tickets are booked. due to corporate publicity ticktes are not available at all…i went today and got hold of last few tickets of saturday(that was the best i could get)...that would be in english…
sorry to disappoint, but something is better than nothing…what say ?
some info on the play: this play is written exclusively for RS and is the first production by RS itself. also, Girish Karnad’s first direction of his own play!
see you on saturday :)

Article from around 2005-06. Exact date lost