Time for Introspection

Thursday, 02 November 2006

The Kannada cosmos is so rich, varied and plural that no intelligent, sensitive, Kannada speaking individual would ever feel maimed or incomplete for being a part of it. This should be reason enough to celebrate Kannada Rajyotsava with confidence and a sense of belonging,
writes Rajendra Chenni in Deccan Herald

But, he also says,

The result is that Kannada is no longer an individual concern. A complete turnaround from the days of the Karnataka Unification Movement (Ekikarana Chaluvali) when it was everyone’s personal concern.
How true!

Prof. PDCS writes:

I want to spend the next several weeks and months writing about these challenges. Perhaps, the time has come for us to ask again the question B M Shri asked nearly hundred years ago: what is Kannada Kattuva Kelasa (the task of constructive work) for our age?

Let us all engage in that conversation. Kannada cosmos is richer than it was ever before with Kannadigas spread all over the world, working in professions and arenas that were not even dreamt when our state formed 50 years back.