Linux Magazine for a Newbie?

Saturday, 01 October 2005

TUX Magazine is a good starting point if you want to get into Linux. Slowly.

The magazine is focussed on new users to linux and avoids all kind of jargon and geekery typically expected of a Linux magazine. penguins crossing TUX magazine is very end-user-oriented, with little or no programmer or sys admin related content. Instead, concentrating on informing the user on the software available on Linux and how to make best of use them through sections like Home Plate and TUX explains. Linux advocacy and the Business angle are covered in the Suited Up section. P2P is conversation section including readers' letters, editorials etc.,

TUX mag seems to be pro-KDE. A lot of their articles talk about KDE apps, and in the recent edition, the editor makes no bones about why the magazine focusses more on KDE.

Good News

I was pleasantly surprised to know that TUX magazine has gone free. (they are no longer have a printed version). However, their recent edition (pdf only) has maintained the same quality and well-put-to-gether ness of earlier issues. All the previous issues are available online.

The Website -

The site is a very good extension of their magazine. The site has managed to maintain the same level of approachability as the magazine.

You can subscribe to TUX magazine here