SQLITE Talk at Linux-Bangalore 2004

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Today, I gave a talk on SQLite at Linux Bangalore 2004.

I had an auditorium full of people. Nearly 110 people in a 60 seater auditorium, many sitting in the aisle and some standing throughout the talk :( . The talk was moved from a 90 seater to a 60 seater hall yesterday for reasons unknown.

We could see full attendance at most auditoriums, especially the 750 seater main auditorium. This is a clear indication of growing mind-share of FOSS among developers. We need to look for a bigger place next time. I would not say a better place, because nothing beats IISc when it comes to ambience.

Lot of people were taking notes while I was speaking. I did evoke smiles a few times [and I did not trip over the cable]. And there were questions in the end. I really enjoyed giving the talk. I would definitely like to go back next year.


My many thanks to Vinay HR for making his cool laptop available for the presentation and helping with all the last minute software installations.


RK said...


12:09 AM  
me.myself said...


Was there at your talk (the first row :-)!

It was simple, informative and cool (u know, that is a very difficult and deadly formula to acheive in public talks)!

I really hope that you come back next year too...


12:18 PM  
Noufal said...

Wonderful. :)

Glad you enjoyed it. I usually get a certain kind of high when I deliver a talk and it goes well too.

I missed it this time. Work was too tight. Gimme a call sometime and maybe we can meet up somewhere.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous said...

Keep up the Good work !!
Your talk was crisp & informative on SQLite at the Linux Bangalore mett 2004.


3:24 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Kishore,

This is Ravi wishing u Hi :)

I was very much present (i.e. both physically and mentally :)) in ur presentation session on SQLite @ LB2004.

I should tell u that ur presentation was simply superb.Ur language was deliberatly lucid (as I understand)thru which u were able to reach every single person seated there.

Kudos Krishna :) Keep up the good work.

(Technical Consultant)
[email protected]
98459 400 20

5:35 PM  
Roshan said...

Hi BT,

Congrats on the talk! Too bad I missed it.

11:41 AM