Agile India 2005

Wednesday, 02 February 2005

I read Kent Beck s Extreme Programming Explained
more than an year back. Paired programming appealed to me immediately. Gradually, I’m moving towards writing test driven programs. Writing test cases for existing code is a pain. I’m looking forward to Agile India 2005 to learn more about the best practices from the XP/Agile world.

If you are into Extreme Programming/Agile methods, and if you are from Bangalore, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on this one. The registrations are open .
Incidentally, the conference is at my college PESIT.
I bought Extreme Programming in 24 Hours by Steward Baird from the new Sapna book shop in Jayanagr IV block. Hoping to finish that book by this month-end.

Article from around 2005. Exact date lost