BangPypers and BangaloreRUG

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Bangpypers met at the Thoughtworks office today. Actually it was a mini Snakes & Rubies meeting with nearly half of the attendees being BagaloreRuggers

It had been a long time since I attended one of the Geek meetings (I missed out on Barcamp BLR4 to a working weekend :( ).

Anand C, who is currently one of the lead developers for the project, gave a brief presentation on and on the infogami project which powers the project.

Baiju M, an active Zope3 contributor, briefed us on Zope Component Architecture.

There was some discussion on the lack of "inline" documentation in Ruby and Javascript (something on the lines of doc and help(foo) in the interpreter and how this makes it a litt..le hard for a newbie to learn Ruby who is spoilt by Python ;)

Darkseid shared his experiences with deploying Ruby on rails applications and some advances in deployment technologies.

It was nice to know that Darkside and Anand also share a fascination for Functional, Dynamic languages (Haskell, Erlang and Scala). Perhaps, future geek meetings can center around Dynamic languages and not just individual languages.

With the mainstreaming of Jruby, Jython, IronPython etc., languages can no longer to considered in isolation.

I had surprising amount of things to say about Zope and Zope3 (to my own surprise!). Perhaps, me finally "grokking" Grok, had something to do with it.