Doing the Django Thing

Wednesday, 22 February 2006

After playing around with Turbogears, Pylons and Django, I've gone back to Django. Why not -

Turbogears : Somehow TG does not appeal to me. It has all the right stuff, but I don't grok it very much.

Pylons - I was very happy to discover Myghty as well as Routes , but pylons is not yet ready. Atleast not ready enough to produce a simple CRUD app in an hour.

Django - I'd played around with Django when it was initially anounced, but was thrown off by all the magic stuff. The new "magic-removal" branch has made Django very much Pythonic. The admin interface is a great plus to get the website live without having to code the "input" parts.

I'm going to stick with Django for quite some time to come. I'm still interested to use SQLAlchemy/Myghty/Pylons. Perhaps in another 3 months time...

In the meanwhile, I've started porting the Django Stuff over to the Magic-removal branch of Django.