My Article on SQLite in Developer IQ

Monday, 10 January 2005

My article on SQLite is published in January 2005 edition of Developer IQ The title of the article is Move over MySQL, SQLite is here!!. I had given a talk with the same name at Linux Bangalore 2004

Update: The SQLite article is online at

Article from circa 2005-2006. Exact date lost


Ravikiran on 2005-01-12 06:05:23 said :
Read ur article on DiQ. nice article the sqlite has been given on the cd!!

Also noticed that Ramdas shares ur interest
Also I liked his “realistic” analysis and comparision of open source with communalism.would like to know ur views

sindu subhash on 2005-01-26 20:33:19 said :

I liked your article on Dev IQ magazine. Write similar article on similar technologiues

Good Luck