Python in Calicut

Thursday, 03 February 2005

I’m back from Calicut after giving a talk on Python @ NIT Calicut’s Free/Libre Open Source software meet. Me and Swaroop talked about Python for nearly 3 hours. Going by the number of questions that were asked and the students approaching us to talk in the lunch break, I’m sure there are a new bunch of Pythonistas in Calicut :) This was my largest audience so far with nearly 150 people comprising of students and staff.

Later in the day, Shanker Balan talked about the ‘other’ free OS – The *BSDs. Followed by a very energetic and convincing talk on Open Source in India by Atul Chitnis

The NIT Campus is huge. After the urban claustrophobia, the campus was liberating. I’m thankful to Prof MohanDas for inviting us and congrats to Dilip and Praveen on superbly managing the whole show.

Swaroop has two exhaustive posts on the trip . There are some fantastic (read wallpaper-quality) photos as well as the slides of the talk. We were a good team on-stage, delivering the talk. Looking forward to more such gigs. What say dude? :)


Swaroop C H on 2005-02-04 09:58:01 said :
Definitely dude! More power to the tribe :D

Rinish on 2005-05-26 06:02:32 said :
Hi there,
what gigs are you talking abt?
has that any things to do with opensource development?
ahh hmm by the way I am Rinish Balan. Iam basically from Calicut, now working at Bangalore as linux admin.I was just checking wether my old site still shows up in google when i search “calicut open source” ;)
sorry if iam disturbing u
But ill like to know is there any development that u are planing to put up at Calicut? I would like to be a support from outside (I am sure you guys won’t need my help ,still !!)
Alright bye
wish all the best

Rinish on 2005-05-26 06:04:24 said :
Rinish here again
please send me replies of this at [email protected]
Coz i wont b comming bak to this page any more