Reminiscing Euphoria

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Euphoria is one of the languages I dabbled in, on my way to python. I StumbedlUpon Euphoria today. It brings back memories of 1998 :). Those days, I was still a C++ head, trying to get my head around Python. The problem, as I realise now, was I had to unlearn so many C++ mannerisms to really "get" python. After an year or so of STL programming, I had started to feel that programming is no fun ;).

Euphoria gave me a taste of scripting(-like) languages . One of the first programmes I wrote using Euphoria was a data extractor to extract URLs from webpages. I see that Euphoria has been open sourced. Will I go back to Euphoria? Hmm... not likely. If I want to go back to C++ish languages today, I would choose D.