The February Python Gig

Monday, 14 February 2005

The next Python outing in Bangalore will be the BangPypers meet on 19th Feb.

DONT PANIC!! Python’s don’t bite. They just hug very warmly :). Jokes apart, BangPypers is the short name for Bangalore Pythonistas; a cool collection of geeks from across the IT industry spectrum bound by the shared enthusiasm for our favourite programming language – PYTHON

The evolving agenda for the group is to popularise the python language, learn and share new and powerful features of the language on an on-going basis, contribute to Free/Open Source Software through Python and promote professional use of Python. And last but not but the least, have fun while doing all that heavy crunching :)

The first formal BangPypers meet will be on 19th feb 2005. See the meetup page for venue and time. Please RSVP if you are attending.

I’ll be talking on ‘Functional Programming in Python’. Anand Pillai will be generating new interest on ‘Generators & generator expressions’ and Premshree Pillai will be cooking some ‘yammy’ :) stuff with YAML and pyyaml.

Each talk will be followed by Q&A sessions and a BoF(Birds of Feather) session at the end of talks.