Visit to Kerala (NIT-Calicut)

Tuesday, 04 January 2005

I’m going to NIT-Calicut (formerly REC,Calicut )along with Swaroop to conduct a one-day workshop on Python and related technologies on 29th Jan,2005, a Saturday.
I’m planning to spend the day-before-the-event sight seeing in and around Calicut. What places do you recommend ?


Praveen A on 2005-01-08 23:15:38 said :
Hello, Welcome to our campus. Hope you’d like the beautiful God’s own country and its hospitality.
And Thanks for joining our group.

Praveen A

Pradeep on 2005-01-08 23:27:20 said :
Hi Praveen,
thanks for stopping by.
I’m sure I’ll enjoy my first ever visit to Kerala. :)
I’m looking forward to meeting all you guys in NITC.

Swaroop C H on 2005-01-09 15:46:59 said :
Yo Pradeep,

Here’s my post on the same:

Let’s plan up on some awesome sight-seeing in Kerala… we’re anyway gonna see some snakes in the computer lab.. ha ha :)