Python Training

Monday, 03 November 2008

I no longer offer python training in India since
moving to US in 2008.

Pradeep Gowda offers on-site training classes in Python programming language. The course consists of one-on-one training sessions which combine lecture and on-hands practice. This approach gives the students to assimilate and understand the material. Pradeep’s proven training methods help the students gain confidence required to use Python in a productive, real-life scenario.

The course is designed keeping in mind the requirements of students new to programming (such as fresh graduates) as well as professional programmers who might be proficient in other programming languages (like C, C++ and Java).

Course overview

Day One

Introduction to Python

  • What is Python
  • Python best use cases
  • The features list
  • Python in the “Real World”

Using the Interpreter

  • How to run Python programs
  • Configuration details
  • Module files: a first look
  • The IDLE interface
  • Other Python IDEs

Types and operators

  • Numbers, Strings, Lists
  • Dictionaries, Tuples
  • Files


  • Assignment Expressions
  • Print,If selections
  • Python syntax rules
  • Truth tests
  • While loops
  • Break, continue, pass, and the loop else
  • For loops
  • Range and counter loops
  • Basic coding gotchas


  • Function basics
  • Scope rules in functions
  • More on “global”
  • More on “return”
  • More on argument passing
  • Special argument matching modes
  • Functions are objects: indirect calls
  • Function gotchas


  • Module basics
  • Module files are a namespace
  • Reloading modules
  • Module design concepts

Day Two

Discussion of Assignment

  • Solution to the assignment given at the end of day one and discussion


  • Class Basics
  • Using the class statement
  • Using class methods
  • Customization via inheritance
  • Specializing inherited methods
  • Operator overloading in classes
  • OOP: inheritance and composition


  • Exception basics
  • First examples
  • Exception idioms
  • Exception catching modes
  • Matching variations
  • Exception gotchas
  • On-hands session

Built-in tools overview

  • The debugger and profiler
  • Timing Python programs
  • Packaging programs for delivery

System interfaces

  • System modules overview
  • Arguments, streams, shell variables
  • File tools
  • Directory tools

Text processing

  • String objects: review
  • Splitting and joining strings

Python testing framework

  • Test driven development
  • Doctests
  • Unittests

Introduction to Jython

  • What is Jython
  • Running Jython
  • Using Jython with Java libraries

Question and Answer session

  • Answer questions and provide tips to the participants to solve their day-to-day programming tasks using Python.

Learning Resources

Free full length books online: