Some Thoughts on Yahoo

Tuesday, 05 April 2005

Yahoo increases the mailbox size to 1GB. While Yahoo! have been pretty nimble recently, especially with the improved search , aquiring flickr, yahoo! API , firefox toolbar , their email service has to go a looong way before they can tempt new users ( No thanks, I already have *6* current and active email IDs :) ).

Some of the things that would make me use more of my existing Yahoo id,

  • So, you have increased the email space to 1GB. But whats killer about that ?.
  • Integrate y! mail, y! chat and 360 (whenever that’s ready) so that i can search my emails, chats, my blogs ,external blogs i’ve syndicated in my yahoo! . ( Think of Gnome’s Dashboard project here.)
  • Integrate Flickr! into my Yahoo! mail search. For example, when I search for bangpypers , i should also get to see the photos of bangpypers meetups, stored in my flickr account or my contact’s accounts. Its the RSS people…
  • I’m very keen about seeing the chat session being saved as ‘conversations’ in my yahoo mailbox and being able read/search. No, saving sessions on to the disk some how does not work out.
  • Remove all the ads, make the interface really lightweight
  • put POP access back; that was the reason I started using Yahoo! in the first place
  • Add intelligent search to email ala gmail . This should be trivial to yahoo

After a long time, I’m rooting for Yahoo!. Perhaps, I look to yahoo! as being a competetive underdog. Or, is that because I know quite a few Yahoo!s now?

Meanwhile, google is playing catch up in some areas and seems to be running into problems (302 page hijacking)


Ravikiran on 2005-03-24 21:54:34 said :
Rightly said about the pop part of it. That was a painful period when pop was removed, and we went in search of other id(entities).Nothing really matches “pop access” and I would let go any feature for pop(esp with multiple accounts).Pop was the syndication for email!
Ps: still gives pop access :)

Swaroop C H on 2005-03-26 00:45:01 said :
Damn, we both talked about mail in the span of a few days.

The Y! Mail team is taking too long to bring updates but I’ve been hearing they’re up to a lot of stuff. Hopefully, it is soon rather than later. I *badly* want a threaded view in Y! Mail.

Pradeep on 2005-03-26 01:42:23 said :
Yahoo! gave a demo of 360 today to some select people. They have integratged chat, photos and of course the blog stuff..
cool! I guessed correctly :)