Tabblo Rocks!

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Tabblo is the newest photo management application on the web and in my opinion far better than Flickr!

Hmm.. I got your attention, I see.

Of course this opinion is formed after playing around it for half an hour. But, first impressions do count.

The things I liked about Tabblo:

  • No limit on photo uploads. w00t! (I can only hope this lasts for a loong time ;)

  • A Tabblo is a picture story. tell stories with your photos. Narrate your experience with a sequence of photos. Express your awesomeness with a fabulous photo and some zen koans. whatever!

  • Very clean and numerous templates to choose from. Customize yuor tabblos to heart's content. This is sorely missing from most online photo apps.

  • Uploading works great. Multiple options. I used the flash uploader. Very cool. Have to check out the other options.

  • Quick responses - deliberate use of AJAX feels nice. reaaally nice :)

  • Tabblo is written in Django Yay!! Django Rocks.