Tired of Remembering All the Passwords?

Saturday, 21 October 2006

I am.

with so many web 2.0 application to sign up, managing the username and passwords to each is a nightmare.One approach is to use the same username/password and be vulnerable to be pwned (`owned`/hacked into).The other way to create different passwords for all the signups. I have tried this and fail to recall the passwords for any service which I have not used for over a month. Duh!

OpenID can be a solution though.

The promise of OpenID is the ability to broker your identity through a common server. That common server can authenticate your identity to any number of web applications without requiring you to reveal any user name or password information to the individual applications. From the other side of the fence, to the application, user identity becomes a verified URI instead of a verified user name. I already expect to use URIs to identify things, so that’s a win too.

Norman walsh

Livejournal (being the inventor of OpenID concept) and Zooomr (Flickr-like service) are the two services that I recall using this. Perhaps in future, sign-up fatigue will keep people away from signing up to new services. Providing OpenID option is very welcome.

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