Saturday, 01 January 2005

I used to enjoy the Sunday Magazine column in the Hindu by V Gangadharan, named “Slice of Life”. In one such article, he wrote how daily routines like a cup of coffee in the morning and the newspaper make us feel “everything-is-alright” even though the front page is carrying news of murders and scams.

Nowadays I do not wake up to the rustle and fresh print smell of Deccan Herald anymore. I turn to slashdot for my daily fix of news, “stuff that matters” comes through my monitor’s screen. Here is my News Roll:

  • Slashdot – News for nerds, stuff that matters (yeah, right!)
  • Newsforge – news about Opensource and Linux
  • – news about operating systems from latest to the esoteric
  • del, – I feel like a kid at a candy store everytime i visit So many subjects, so many links, so little time…
  • google news – something more ‘real’
  • boing boing – dash of gossip, irrelevency and cool stuff.
  • wikipedia – makes you feel that you are learning something :)

So, how does your News-Roll look like? what sites get you going in the morning? What do you suggest? Leave a note below !!