Ranga Shankara Redux

Wednesday, 24 November 2004

My [last visit](/weblog/ranga-shankara/) to Ranga Shankara had left me vaguely unsatisfied. I did not have enough time that day to 'absorb' the atmosphere.

So, we went there again this Sunday evening, hopeful of getting a ticket to 'Agra bazar', an Urdu play.
The queue was a long one, spilling over to the road. To our dismay some one informed us that the tickets for that days play were sold out. The queue was for a show 5 days later.
Go figure! Thats a good sign. I hope Bangaloreans retain the same enthusiasm to watch plays even after the theatre festival.

I have made up my mind to watch atleast 2 plays in a month. I have had my share of exposure to theatre. Being a product of National College, Jayanagar, we got to see some of the plays in HN Kalakshetra, the college's auditorium. HN Kalakshetra is a regular place for kannada plays and classical/cultural programs in the southern part of Bangalore.

National College Jayanagar has been the best of all schools I've been to . Even though I studied there for just two years, the memories of NCJ are the most cherished. I'm digressing here. I'll keep NCJ for another day :).

The cafeteria
The cafeteria in Ranga Shankara is open space with lots of low flung wooden tables. Its really a nice place to hang around with friends on a quiet day. The cafeteria was full. One very pleasant observation, which I can confirm after the second visit, is that, the place has the right mix of people. The chic, hip, cool brigade was there, as expected. There were parents with kids too. Not the kind we get in entertainment parks; noisy and generally making a nuisance in the guise of having a 'good time'. Well, I hope it remains so in future too.

We had a couple of 'aloo bondas' and a hot cup of coffee day take away. Yummy! They were served in paper cups , I noticed. In line with Arundati Nag's idea of keeping the theatre senstitive to environmental and social issues? Thats a small gesture, but goes a long way.

The Book Shop
I followed the scent of newly printed books :). The book shop is right next to the entrance, noticable yet not intrusive. It has a small but well chosen set of books. Quite a few books on theatre and arts. They have a popular books section too (Da Vinci Code anyone?).

I called out to some one thinking he was my friend. Turned out he wasn't . Ended up talking to that guy on "Chaos" by James Gleick. What interested me most was a set of Kannada plays and novels. Another excuse to go to Ranga Shankara !

If you are in Bangalore, its a must visit place . Watch a play when you are there. The volunteers are quite helpful. Enjoy yourself when you are there. But, SHHH!!! a play is in progress.