Science Fiction Recommendations

Sunday, 19 August 2007

In mood for some science fiction? Look here for a list of popular science fiction recommendations.

Few days back programming.reddit had an interesting  and informative thread on :  Which science fiction books would you recommend to fellow programmers?

I wanted to read The Ringworld by Larry niven. The idea of a "man" made world in the shape of a ring around a sun is very interesting indeed. While reading up on the book, I came across the distinctions between "Hard" and Soft science fictions. I would like to read more of the hard kind. Ringworld looks to be one.
Easylib is not carrying a copy. Neither does Cross word@shopper's stop.

In  the "Top 15 great science fiction" list, I've read  only 6. I've not read H G Wells' Time machine!
Time to make ammendments, eh?

Does anybody have a good recommendation for a bookshop/second hand bookshop which carries Sci-fi?