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Sunday, 02 January 2005

Ravikiran informed me that the earlier CSS was rendering badly in IE(Internet Explorer) .So I decided to simplify the CSS further to fit the crappy IE browser. I hope that browser just keels over and dies. Can you imagine! IE wont render a valid W3C compliant CSS!! Argh!!
Please consider switching to a real browser like Mozilla Firefox . Its only a 4.5MB download on windows. Its fast, it is standard compliant, its free, it has loads of features you will not see in IE for another two years atleast, if even that.

Update: IE product manager Jim Allchin says IE wont be updated till their next OS comes out, which by the way, is some where in 2007. In the mean time point your browser to this security page to check how vulnerable is your browser to exploits.

I ran the test on my browser(Mozilla on Mepis Linux), and this is the result.(click on the image for a full fiew)

Click to view full size
Zero vulnerabilities. Go beat that now!!

Update 2: Wallstreet Journal recommends Firefox too!

14 MILLION people are already using Firefox. So, you are not risking anything by using Firefox. Ask your sys-admin nicely to install it for you. You MUST use Firefox at home because if a virus hits you:

  1. you might not even know that you have a virus
  2. you may not know how to get rid of it
  3. you may have to pay to get your system de-wormed (sic!)

IE has more security holes than a dosé.

If you want firefox on CD, ask me nicely. :)

Even better, switch to Mepis Linux . I no longer use windows anywhere; my life is windows free. At work I use Red Hat 9(yikes!, time to upgrade) and at home I use Mepis 2004.3. Mepis is faster, easier and cleaner than windows. Dont even get me started on virus and stuff.
Tell me how you liked this design, and how it renders on your browser. Since I dont have IE , you will have to tell me whether this design works for you. use this form send an email to me immediately. Or, of course, you can leave a comment below.

This is how it looks on my Mepis Linux desktop. Click on the image to see the full image.(Opens in a new window.)

Click to view full size

I used this website colour reference to choose the colour scheme.


Satchit on 2004-12-31 02:47:11 said :
Nice design. The site looks neat.

Ravikiran on 2004-12-31 21:53:28 said :
Ok sir, I am using firefox ;-) I had already installed it, but for one last time I had used IE to look at your messy site….no offense meant!
Also I am nicely asking for mephis cd…
thnQ for all the knowledge,