This and That

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Its been a long time since I blogged. Even I was getting bored seeing the same page ;) So, let me update you about this and that I have been doing.

I got my first ever Macbook. I paid for software for the first time - I'm a proud owner of Textmate, supposedly the editor for Mac. I have been doing a lot of Python(as usual) and Django(not so usual) at work. Keeping myself from using emacs bindings while programming in Textmate was the biggest adjustment I had to do while switching to mac. Otherwise, the terminal is near-by to get rid of any home sickness I might feel for Linux :)

After having read S L Bhyrappa's controversial novel aavarana, I continued to read his biography - bhiththi. I could relate to a lot of his childhood incidents to what I have seen/heard about growing up in rural south-karnataka districts. My wife followed suit and liked it too. Now she is onto daaTu, another novel of SLB which has the distinction of being translated to all the Indian languages.

I went to back to reading Dune novels, this time - House Atreides, the sequel to the original Dune series by Frank Herbert. My sci-fi reading schedule looks full for the next 3 months.