Water Out of Thin Air

Tuesday, 07 November 2006

They claim that they can produced water at about Rs.1.7 per litre. Thats far, far cheaper than bottled water selling at Rs.10-12/-

This water maker can be plugged into any 220v power outlet (though, that can be a problem in rural areas where they get 4 hours of power a day :( It can produce upto 20 litres of water per day. The website does not give any details on the pricing though.

This can be a god send in cities, where drinking water is a premium even in big metros like Mumbai.

Also, isn't the bottled water industry a big scam, charging us manyfolds for ordinary tap-water?

An American company has designed a machine which can collect moisture from air even in dry places with humidity as low as 14%.

However, the technology is propreitary. Machines like this can be a boon anywhere in India or third world countries where there is plenty of water in the air but none to drink.

I wish only our engineering students take up projects like this which can make a REAL difference to the world than doing a brain-dead final year projects at a Defence establishment.

Link and slashdot discussion

UPDATE: Now you can buy such a machine in India! See http://www.watermakerindia.com/